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Active rule currently published.

Alert Message

Atomicorp.com WAF Rules - Virtual Just In Time Patch: Possible Attempt to Exploit PHP CGI command injection vulnerability


This rule detects when an attacker attempts to exploit the PHP CGI command injection vulnerability, CVE-2012-1823. This exploit works when an attacker submits command line arguments to a php application in the URL. If PGP is running in CGI mode it will allow this, and these command line arguments can be used to perform any action with PHP, including overriding php.ini, injecting code, replace code and other actions.

This is a critical vulnerability being actively exploited.

This rule works by detecting the use of a command line switches in the query string.

False Positives

No known false positives.

It is not recommended that you disable this rule if you believe you have a false positive. If you believe this is a false positive, please report this to our security team to determine if this is a legitimate case, or if its clever attack on your system. Instructions to report false positives are detailed on the Reporting False Positives wiki page. If it is a false positive, we will fix the issue in the rules and get a release out to you promptly.

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