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Rule 300066
Status Active
Alert Message Atomicorp.com WAF AntiSpam Rules: Spam: Commercial


[edit] Description

This rules detects content of a commercial nature. This may indicate spamming activity is under way.

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] False Positives

A false positive can occur if you allow this type of content on your website.

Please do not report false positives in cases where the content is of a commercial nature. The rule is designed to detect this type of content. If the post is not of a commercial nature, please report this as a false positive to our support team.

[edit] Tuning Guidance

If you know that this behavior is acceptable for your domain, you can either disable the rule for the server, or you can disable it for the application. Because this type of request is to the systems IP address, you can not disable this type of rule for a domain, as these types of requests are to domains.

Please see the Tuning the Atomicorp WAF Rules page for basic information.

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[edit] Notes

Known malware sites are domains that are currently actively serving malware or have recently been serving up malware. In some cases, shared upload sites have been known to allow the hosting of malware on their systems and they may be added when the rate of compromise of those providers is too high, or if the provider has a policy of allowing malware or no procedure for removing it. Please check with the domain owner to have malware removed from their sites.

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