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Operating System: Un-Applied updates for your system were detected. A full list of available updates is available in /var/asl/data/updates_pending.log

This vulnerability means that your Operating System is reporting that there are software updates and patches missing from your system. This includes operating system and third party software updates, and not just ASL. These updates and patches may or may not be security related. This is not caused by ASL, ASL is simply letting you know that your OS is reporting that it has updates available for your OS.

This does not mean that you are missing any ASL updates, however if you are please see the section "Updating ASL" below.

[edit] Operating System updates

ASL does not install operating system updates. ASL will, however, warn you if you are missing OS patches and updates.

The /var/asl/data/updates_pending.log log file will list of the current updates your OS is reporting are available for your system. We recommend you review this list, and contact your OS vendor for specific advice on these updates. If you would like us to help you with your operating system, please contact support for a quote for professional services.

[edit] Updating ASL

If you are missing ASL updates, please follow this process to update ASL:

If the ASL upgrade process does not report that any upgrades/updates are available, then ASL is up to date.

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