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[edit] Overview

[edit] Atomic Secured Linux

Atomicorp offers support for each major release of Atomic Secured Linux during three phases, Production, Transition and Extended Life Cycle Support.

[edit] Production Support

Production support covers the period in which a major release is the newest major release. For example, if 3.0 and 4.0 are currently available, 4.0 would be in the "Production" phase, 3.0 would be in the "Transition" phase.

[edit] Transition Support

Transition support covers the period for customers to transition from one major release to another. Transition support is available for 90 days from the date a major release is made available.

[edit] Extended Life

Extended Life Phase is available for one year after a new major release is available for the previous major release (3.0 in the example above would be eligible for EL if 4.0 was the current major release). During the Extended Life Phase, customers may purchase an Add-On called Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) that provides support similar to Production Phase during the Transition period. ELS is not available for purchase after the transition period.

[edit] Modsecurity Rules

Modsecurity rules change often due to new threats, and as such, only the latest version of the rules is supported. Think of them like antivirus signatures, they simply change too fast. Therefore, rules are supported using the latest versions. If you have an issue with the rules, we will provide updates using the current version of the rules only.

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