HIDS 60602

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Rule 1
Status Active
Alert Message Windows audit event


[edit] Description

This is a generic catchall for Windows Application error events.

[edit] What you should do

This is a high value generic rule that captures application events to the error log. We highly recommend reporting these to support with the Report False Positive button, as they frequently catch new applications and new exploit methods. Otherwise this event should be investigated.

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] False Positives

There are no false positives with this rule.

[edit] Tuning Guidance

There is no guidance for tuning this rule, this is a generic Windows error and the rule should not be disabled.

[edit] Additional Information

[edit] Support

If you are unsure about how to respond to this alert, please contact Atomicorp support. We're here to help you!

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