HIDS 171011

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Rule 171011
Status Active
Alert Message SMTP Server rejected RCPT


[edit] Description

ASL does not cause this event to occur. ASL simply reports when your SMTP server has rejected an email message. ASL is not preventing your system from receiving this email. Please contact your mailserver vendor for assistance if you believe your mail server should not have rejected this message.

Disabling this rule will have no effect on your SMTP server rejecting these email messages. Disabling this rule will just prevent ASL from notifying you when this occurs, however the event will continue to occur. Therefore we do not recommend you disable this rule.

[edit] Log examples

2014-05-18 14:31:27 H=localhost (somehost) []:35234 F=<username@example.com> rejected RCPT <username@example.com>: Sender verify failed

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