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[edit] Quick Rule

The Quick Rule form, displayed at startup or when the quick rule button is clicked, allows rapid entry of simple allow/deny rules for the INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARD chains of the filter table.

[edit] Table view

Clicking a table name in the tables and chains navigation will list all chains in the selected table, along with the option to change the chain's policy, reset its counters or flush the chain's rules.
New chains may also be created for the selected table by entering and name and clicking the add chain button in the form at the bottom.

[edit] Chain view

Clicking a chain name will list all rules in the selected chain.
Listed rules may be deleted, moved up or down in the chain, or edited.
New rules may be added by clicking the add rule button at the bottom.

[edit] Add/Edit Rule

The full rule creation and edit form allows for the creation of more specific rules than the quick rule form.
Usage of this form is recommended only for users with a good understanding of iptables.
For full information on working with iptables, see the iptables documentation.

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