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The WAF & HIDS Rules window allows browsing and searching of rules.


From the Rules tab, categorized listings of the WAF and HIDS rules may be browsed.

Rules may also be searched for directly.

In the search form, the type of rule may be selected as 'any', 'WAF' or 'HIDS'.
A full or partial Rule ID or a string to search for may be entered into the text field. (ex: entering 'wordpress' into the text field and clicking search will display a list of all rules containing 'wordpress' in their description)

The category selection or search results will display the Rule ID, Level, Description, and current state of each rule.

Rule is Green.png enabled or Red.png disabled.
Email alerts are Btn email on.png enabled or Btn email off.png disabled.
Alert logging is Btn log on.png enabled or Btn log off.png disabled.
Active Response is Btn ar on.png enabled or Btn ar off.png disabled.

Clicking on a rule number will open a Rule Report window, where changes to the rule's behavior may be made.

The Reset All button in this tab will remove all modifications that have been made to rules which have been modified by the user.


The Global tab contains a form for modifying some settings from the ASL Configuration file.

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