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Moderate Risk: PHP function posix_setsid() sets the current process as the session leader.

The PHP function posix_setsid() allows allows a user, application or attacker to sets the current process as the session leader. This may make it possible for an attacker to gain elevated privileges on the system, or access to parts of the system they should not have access to. This could potentially lead to compromise of the system.

Next Steps

If this risk is unacceptable for your system, then you will want to disable this capability in PHP.

Step 1: Log into the ASL GUI, click on Configuration and select the ASL configuration menu option. This will open the ASL configuration screen.

Step 2: Scroll down to PHP_CHECKS and make sure this is set to "yes". By default ASL will only warn about PHP vulnerabilities. If you set this to yes, it will also fix these vulnerabilities. If this is set to "no" the next step will not work, so set this to "yes".

Step 3: Scroll down to ALLOW_posix_setuid and set this to "no".

Step 4: Click the "update" button.

This will resolve this vulnerability.

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