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PHP 5.3

PHP 5.3 is available through the Nucleus yum repository.

PHP 5.3 Features

Please see the PHP Nucleus 5.3 page

PHP 5.3 Installation

Please see the Nucleus page.

PHP 5.4

PHP 5.4 is available through the Atomic yum repository.

PHP 5.4 Features

  • Currently using the 5.4.x branch
  • Uses the internal PCRE library, with extended UTF-8 support
  • Linked against the atomic Mysql library, currently 5.5
  • Based on the Fedora design and includes the following core modules:
    • php-bcmath: support for using the bcmath library
    • php-cli: the command line and cgi interface for PHP
    • php-common: files used by both the php package and the php-cli package
    • php-dba: support for using the DBA database abstraction layer to PHP
    • php-devel: files needed for building PHP extensions
    • php-embedded: library which can be embedded into applications to provide PHP scripting
    • php-enchant: Enchant library support
    • php-gd: support for using the gd graphics library
    • php-imap: IMAP support
    • php-ldap: LDAP support
    • php-mbstring: multi-byte string handling
    • php-mcrypt: mcrypt support
    • php-mssql: Microsoft SQL server support
    • php-mysql: mysql, and mysqli database modules
    • php-mysqlnd: Native mysql driver, this does not require external mysql libraries
    • php-odbc: ODBC support
    • php-pdo: database access abstraction layer to PHP. This module provides a common interface for accessing MySQL, PostgreSQL or other databases
    • php-pgsql: postgres support
    • php-process: system interfaces for inter-process communication
    • php-pspell: pspell library support
    • php-recode: recode library support
    • php-snmp: SNMP support
    • php-soap: SOAP web services protocol support
    • php-tidy: tidy library support
    • php-xml: support manipulating XML documents using the DOM tree, and performing XSL transformations on XML documents.
    • php-xmlrpc: support for the XML-RPC protocol to PHP
    • php-zts: Module for Apache HTTP Server which can operate under a threaded server processing model
  • Additional modules:
    • php-ioncube-loader
    • php-suhosin
    • php-eaccelerator:
    • php-zend-guard-loader:

PHP 5.4 Installation

Brought to you by the makers of Atomic Secured Linux. Secure your server now!

To upgrade to PHP 5.4.x on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora:

Step 1) Set up the atomic channel:

wget -q -O - | sh

Step 2) Upgrade to PHP 5.4.x:

yum upgrade

Step 3) Replace the PHP 4 php.ini with PHP 5.3.x's (if applicable):

mv /etc/php.ini.rpmnew /etc/php.ini

Step 4) Replace the php.conf with the PHP 5.4.x php.conf (if applicable):

mv /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf.rpmnew /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf

Step 5) Restart the webserver

service httpd restart
/etc/init.d/httpd restart

PHP 5.4 Checklist

1) Source code installations of extensions, like Ioncube loader, or other extensions that have to be updated. php-ioncube-loader, php-zend-optimizer, and php-eaccelerator packages are available to fix this automatically.

2) php.ini settings, like memory_limit

3) execstack -c on any extensions that claim to need an executible stack (ASL users only).


Is PHP 5.3 supported?

Our PHP 5.3 packages, when installed from the Nucleus repository are supported as described on the Nucleus page.

Is PHP 5.4 supported?

Our PHP 5.4 rpm are provided for free, without support.

Does ASL install or replace PHP on my system?

No, ASL does not. ASL will not install or replace PHP on your system.

How do I install PHP 5.3 with Mysql 5.0?

A: First run:

 yum install mysqlclient16
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