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[edit] PHP 5.3

PHP 5.3 is available through the Nucleus yum repository.

[edit] PHP 5.3 Features

Please see the PHP Nucleus 5.3 page

[edit] PHP 5.3 Installation

Please see the Nucleus page.

[edit] PHP 5.4

PHP 5.4 is available through the Atomic yum repository.

[edit] PHP 5.4 Features

  • Currently using the 5.4.x branch
  • Uses the internal PCRE library, with extended UTF-8 support
  • Linked against the atomic Mysql library, currently 5.5
  • Based on the Fedora design and includes the following core modules:
    • php-bcmath: support for using the bcmath library
    • php-cli: the command line and cgi interface for PHP
    • php-common: files used by both the php package and the php-cli package
    • php-dba: support for using the DBA database abstraction layer to PHP
    • php-devel: files needed for building PHP extensions
    • php-embedded: library which can be embedded into applications to provide PHP scripting
    • php-enchant: Enchant library support
    • php-gd: support for using the gd graphics library
    • php-imap: IMAP support
    • php-ldap: LDAP support
    • php-mbstring: multi-byte string handling
    • php-mcrypt: mcrypt support
    • php-mssql: Microsoft SQL server support
    • php-mysql: mysql, and mysqli database modules
    • php-mysqlnd: Native mysql driver, this does not require external mysql libraries
    • php-odbc: ODBC support
    • php-pdo: database access abstraction layer to PHP. This module provides a common interface for accessing MySQL, PostgreSQL or other databases
    • php-pgsql: postgres support
    • php-process: system interfaces for inter-process communication
    • php-pspell: pspell library support
    • php-recode: recode library support
    • php-snmp: SNMP support
    • php-soap: SOAP web services protocol support
    • php-tidy: tidy library support
    • php-xml: support manipulating XML documents using the DOM tree, and performing XSL transformations on XML documents.
    • php-xmlrpc: support for the XML-RPC protocol to PHP
    • php-zts: Module for Apache HTTP Server which can operate under a threaded server processing model
  • Additional modules:
    • php-ioncube-loader
    • php-suhosin
    • php-eaccelerator:
    • php-zend-guard-loader:

[edit] PHP 5.4 Installation

Brought to you by the makers of Atomic Secured Linux. Secure your server now!

To upgrade to PHP 5.4.x on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora:

Step 1) Set up the atomic channel:

wget -q -O - | sh

Step 2) Upgrade to PHP 5.4.x:

yum upgrade

Step 3) Replace the PHP 4 php.ini with PHP 5.3.x's (if applicable):

mv /etc/php.ini.rpmnew /etc/php.ini

Step 4) Replace the php.conf with the PHP 5.4.x php.conf (if applicable):

mv /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf.rpmnew /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf

Step 5) Restart the webserver

service httpd restart
/etc/init.d/httpd restart

[edit] PHP 5.4 Checklist

1) Source code installations of extensions, like Ioncube loader, or other extensions that have to be updated. php-ioncube-loader, php-zend-optimizer, and php-eaccelerator packages are available to fix this automatically.

2) php.ini settings, like memory_limit

3) execstack -c on any extensions that claim to need an executible stack (ASL users only).

[edit] FAQ

[edit] Is PHP 5.3 supported?

Our PHP 5.3 packages, when installed from the Nucleus repository are supported as described on the Nucleus page.

[edit] Is PHP 5.4 supported?

Our PHP 5.4 rpm are provided for free, without support.

[edit] Does ASL install or replace PHP on my system?

No, ASL does not. ASL will not install or replace PHP on your system.

[edit] How do I install PHP 5.3 with Mysql 5.0?

A: First run:

 yum install mysqlclient16
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