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OSSEC+ Now Available

We now have OSSEC+ available for download. OSSEC+ provides additional capabilities to the basic OSSEC version such as the Machine Learning System, ELK stack, 1000s of new rules, Real Time Community Threat Sharing. The cost is still free but OSSEC+ does more!

Get OSSEC+ for Free


Product Support and Documentation

Documentation/Support Pages for Atomicorp products:

Atomic Secured Linux


ASL Installation

Using ASL

Upgrading ASL

ASL Configuration

Rule Tuning

Please see the ASL_HIDS page.


For WAF settings, please see the ASL WAF page:

For rule customization please see the Mod_security page.


Please see this article to disable a signature:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • ASL FAQ - Atomic Secured Linux Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ASL Troubleshooting

Using ASL




configuring a remote ASL database

Support Documents

Atomicorp Threat Intelligence System

atomicrbl The DNS RBLs of the Atomicorp TI

Atomic Secured Windows

Atomicorp/Gotroot Modsecurity Rules

Setup and Configuration

Atomic ModSecurity Rules

modsecurity rpms


aum - modsecurity installer, updater and rule configuration tool

aum configuration


Atomicorp WAF Rules Troubleshooting

Reporting_False_Positives and False Negatives

Rule Tuning

Please see the Mod_security page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Atomic ModSecurity Rules FAQ

Rule Tuning

Please see the Mod_security page.


Atomic ModSecurity Rules Support

Atomic ModSecurity Rules FAQ

Reporting False Positives

Atomic ModSecurity Rules Support

Atomic ModSecurity Rules Knowledge Base

Atomicorp CLAMAV Signatures

Frequently Asked Questions


Support Systems:

Free and Open Source Community Projects

Unsupported Software

Other Projects

This site also contains information about other software packages:

Everything Else

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