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Rule 59222
Status Active
Alert Message Logon Failure - Internal error



Windows has detected a logon failure due to an internal error on the effected Windows system.

Associated Windows Event IDs

  • 529
  • 530
  • 531
  • 532
  • 533
  • 534
  • 535
  • 536
  • 537
  • 539
  • 4625

What you should do

This means that the logon system is experiencing an error. This can be because the logon system has failed, is unable to communicate with the AD server(s) or is misconfigured.

The effected system should be accessed to determine why the logon system is reporting an internal error.


False Positives

There are no false positives with this rule.

Tuning Guidance

There is no guidance for tuning this rule. This rule should not be disabled.

Additional Information


If you are unsure about how to respond to this alert, please contact Atomicorp support. We're here to help you!

Similar Rules

HIDS_59222 Windows: Remote Logon Failure - Unknown user or bad password

HIDS_59223 Logon Failure - Account logon time restriction violation

HIDS_59224 Logon Failure - Account currently disabled

HIDS_59225 Logon Failure - Specified account expired

HIDS_59226 Logon Failure - User not allowed to login at this computer

HIDS_59227 Logon Failure - User not granted logon type

HIDS_59228 Logon Failure - Account's password expired

HIDS_59230 Logon Failure - Account locked out

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