HIDS 2502

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Rule 2502
Status Active
Alert Message User missed the password more than one time



This means that an application on the system has reported to ASL that a user has failed to authenticate multiple times. The exact number of times it requires to trigger this depends on the application, and is not controlled by ASL. ASL is simply alerting that an application has reported that has experienced multiple authentication failures for a user.

You should investigate this event as it may be part of a broader attack.


False Positives

No none false positives are known to exist for this. The event is not caused by ASL, but rather the application reports to ASL that it has experienced multiple authentication failures for a user. If your application is incorrectly reporting this, please report the issue to the application vendor. If ASL is incorrectly reporting an event, that is the application is not reporting multiple authentication failures, please let us know.

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