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Overview (ART) is a project aimed at creating RPM's and add-ons for the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) environment. Packages are distributed through a yum archive:

Operating System Support Policy

CentOS 3Partial
CentOS 4Fully
CentOS 5Fully
RHEL 3Partial
RHEL 4As CentOS 4
RHEL 5As CentOS 5
Fedora 4Partial
Fedora 5Partial
Fedora 6Fully
Fedora 7Fully
Fedora 8Fully
Fedora 9Fully

Setup and Installation

The [atomic] archive can be set up with the following installer, or manually:

 wget -O - |sh

The atomic installer includes features beyond configuring just the atomic archive. It will additionally:

  • Install/Configure yum and its dependencies. This is frequently removed from VPS systems.
  • Prompt RHEL 4 and 5 users to convert to CentOS 4 or 5. This is done for those users that do not have valid RHEL subscriptions.
  • Install/Configure the atomic.repo for the system
  • Prompt to install the Plesk yum repository maintained by ART

Available Packages

Packages available in the archive can be extracted with:

 yum list

A web based interface for yum is also available for Plesk users, called "atomic-yum". It can be installed with:

 yum install atomic-yum
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