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[edit] Standard Support Methods

The simplest and easiest way to get support is to send an email to:

Support Portal - Use the portal to open a new case, to report a bug or to search the documentation and knowledge base.

Subscription Management Portal - use this to control your subscriptions.

Atomicorp Forums

Atomicorp Wiki - The Wiki is an open documentation platform to supplement the knowledge base and also to provide an area for members of the ASL community to add their own support documentation, customizations and other information regarding our products. The Wiki is open to any registered user.

Atomic ModSecurity Rules FAQ

Atomicorp Knowledge Base and product documentation search (Must log in to the support portal)

[edit] Atomicorp Support Portal

The Atomicorp Support portal allows you to access all your cases, bugs, newsletters and the knowledge base for all Atomicorp products.

The portal allows customers to setup multiple support accounts for their personnel, therefore it uses a different system from the Atomicorp product download manager. Your login credentials for installing ASL will not work to log into the support portal so just select the New user? Please register option under the support portal login screen.

Portal accounts are setup by our support team to ensure that requests for access to an account are valid, and also to set the support parameters for a given customer. Therefore if you request access to the support portal it may take some time for a member of the support team to review the request and set up the account. Also, make sure you fill out your email address with any support portal access request. We can not send you your login credentials without it!

[edit] Extended Support Methods

Phone support is also provided to Extended Support contract holders. Please review your contract details for phone numbers and your account representatives information.

If you wish to purchase extended support, please send an email to for details.

[edit] Support Levels

Support is current available in two forms:

Standard Support, which comes with all Atomic ModSecurity Rule subscriptions. Standard Support is available from 9AM to 5PM EST, Monday - Friday excluding holidays.

Standard Support includes:

E-mail Support during standard support hours.

Access to the Atomicorp Support Portal

ASL Extended Support, which offers longer support hours, priority support and off hours support. For information about extended support, please contact our sales department at:

ASL Extended Support includes:

E-mail Support.

Priority Support

Phone Support

Access to the Atomicorp Support Portal

[edit] Recommended Support Steps

1. Check the Atomic ModSecurity Rules FAQ to make sure your issue is not already covered

2. check this Wiki and Atomic ModSecurity Rules FAQ documentation

Atomic ModSecurity Rules Documentation

3. Check the knowledge base

Atomicorp Knowledge Base

We use the Knowledge Base to document workarounds, provide tips and to expand on issues that can not be documented as easily in either this FAQ or in the Wiki.

4. Check the forums

Atomicorp Forums

Your issue may already have been addressed by another user, or we may have responded to it already in the forums.

We do read the forums, but if you use either email or the support portal you will be communicating directly with the entire support team and we always respond to direct customer requests first. The forums are not a direct communication method, so if you issue is urgent please open a case or email support.

5. Open a case in the support portal if you can not find your answer in any of the above

Atomicorp Support Portal

This is the best way to open a case and its also the fastest.

6. Send an email to support


We are fanatical about our customers, so please let us know what we can do to help and we'll get right back to you.

[edit] Normal support hours

Support business hours are 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM, US Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding US holidays.

Our holiday schedule is published here: Atomicorp Holiday Schedule.

Support requests received after hours or on holidays will be addressed during the next business day.

Extended support contract holders are still covered during the holidays. Extended hours support is available to customers with with extended support contracts. Please contact for more information.

Phone support is available to customers with existing extended support contracts. Please contact for more information about extended support contracts.

Phone support is not available without an existing extended support contract.

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