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[edit] Introduction

The Atomic aka A.R.T. (Atomic Rocket Turtle) RPM repository is an open source unsupported archive of software packages targeted at the Centos and Redhat community. It includes PHP, hosting specific projects, yum rpm archives, and community forums.

It is not used by, nor is it installed by any of our supported products.

[edit] Installation

To enable access to both the atomic yum repository use the following automated installer:

wget -q -O - | sh

Or is you prefer to use an insecure non-SSL installation, use this command:

wget -q -O - | sh

[edit] Uninstallation

To remove the atomic repository from your yum RPMs, run this command as root:

yum remove atomic-release

Note: This will not remove any rpms you have installed from the atomic repository.

[edit] GPG/PGP Key

All atomic rpms are signed with our GPG/PGP key. The atomic repository installer installs this key automatically. You do not need to download it.

However, if you need to download it manually its available from this URL:

[edit] Support

All RPMS in the atomic repository are unsupported. If you require assistance, please post your questions in the community forums:

If you require support, please see our Nucleus repository. The Nucleus repository is supported as described on the Nucleus page.

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

[edit] Does ASL install the atomic repository?

No. ASL does not install, remove, configure, or use the free unsupported atomic rpm repository.

[edit] Will this configure my system to automatically upgrade itself?

No. Running the installation command above will only configure yum to also use our free unsupported RPM repository as a source for RPMs. It will not configure your system to automatically upgrade itself.

[edit] Will this disable any of my other repositories?

No, this installation will not disable any other repositories.

[edit] Are these packages supported?

No. The atomic repository RPMs are not supported, and are provided AS IS. Any and all express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.

If you require supported packages, please use the Nucleus repository.

[edit] Do you provide supported packages from this repository?

We do not support packages in the atomic repository. If you require support, please use the Nucleus RPM repository. Please see that page to purchase a license, and for instructions on using the Nucleus repository.

All RPMS in the atomic repository are unsupported. So if you require support, you will want to use the software packages from the Nucleus repository, and not from the atomic repository.

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