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(Tasks in progress)
(Current Release is: 2.2.1)
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== Current Release is: 2.2.1 ==
== Current Release is: 2.2.3 ==
== Next Release is: 2.2.2 ==
== Next Release is: 2.2.2 ==

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Current Release is: 2.2.3

Next Release is: 2.2.2

To be decided

Major Tasks in progress

  • ASL database purge events (75% complete)
  • Atomic-Scanner for Postfix (75% complete)
  • Statistics reporting (50% complete)

General Projects

Screenshots of what we now call "Atomic-Scanner"

Atomic Scanner showing individual user settings

Atomic Scanner stats page

Atomic Scanner stats page part 2

Feature Candidates

AtomiCommunity - RBL/Reputation based system to share/use attack/spammer data with ASL community.

AtomiRBL - Local RBL functionality - to share attack data with trusted nodes (Your boxes basically)

Add vendor updates to vulnerability checks (ie, did you update your box?). This is a major expansion to the vulnerability checks on the system. Orders of magnitude larger

Enterprise Auditing Shell support. This tracks commands from shell accounts and allows you to replay what happened. Kind of like a tivo.

Expand Active Response blocklist to collect the specific attack event, instead of just the OSSEC rule ID.

Firewall gui

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