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The Remote SysLog window allows enabling and configuring remote logging and archiving.

Setting 'Enable Remote Syslog Retention' to 'yes' will show display the available options for remote logging.


[edit] Remote Settings

Aslw rsyslog.png
  • Remote Syslog
    Choose the type of 'syslog' or 'secure'
  • Port
    What port will be used by systems sending their logs. 'syslog' defaults to port 514, 'secure' to 1514.
  • Protocol
    What protocol will be used, either tcp or udp.
  • Allowed IPS file path
    The Allowed IPs file contains a list of sources which will be allowed to send their logs. This file may reside anywhere on the system, and should contain one IP address per line.
    The Allowed IPs file is required if 'syslog' is selected.
  • Denied IPS file path
    A file containing IP addresses which will not be allowed access. This file is optional for either secure or syslog.
  • Archive to remote source
    Selecting 'yes' for this setting will display additional options for remote archiving.

[edit] Archive Settings

  • Archive type
    Select the type of remote archive to use. At present only glacier is supported.

[edit] Glacier Settings

  • Vault name
    Enter the name of your Glacier vault.
  • Access key
    The access key for your Glacier vault.
  • Secret key
    The secret key for your Glacier vault.
  • Region
    Which region does your vault exist in.
  • Local Retention
    The number of days you wish to retain logs on your local system.

[edit] Saving

After entering or modifying information, click the save button at the bottom of the window to commit your settings.

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