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abrtd is an automatic error reporting tool created by Redhat for their OS (and Centos). It will attempt to automatically send debugging information to Redhat (and others) when an error with a piece of software occurs but only if abrtd identifies it as being managed package on the system, such as OS produced by redhat, Centos, Atomicorp, etc. That error means something happened with a piece of software that is NOT package managed (so its not ours, redhats, centos, etc.)

If a piece of software is identified by abrtd as not being a redhat (or Centos) package, for example cpanels source built http, or cpanels PHP, PERL, etc. packages, abrtd will delete the dump because it will not send debugging information for non-package managed software (cpanels apache for example). This is more than likely whats happening, you have a non-package managed piece of software that has an error and abrtd has identified it as not package managed, or one of redhat/centos pieces of software and is likely built from source (and therefore not maintained by Redhat, Centos, Atomicorp, etc.). Our software, for example, if it has an error will automatically report that to us. cpanel, for example, will not because its not package managed. So if you see this error, it means you have something that is not package managed that has run into an error. If you have additional questions about abrtd itself, we recommend you discuss this with your OS vendor.

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